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What Is The Best Type Of Wood To Use To Make Your Pergola

People who are planning on building a pergola in their yard have a lot of decisions to make. Where should your pergola be located? Deck? Further back in the yard? Have you considered the benefits of a freestanding structure? Should it be attached? How much space will you need? What functions do you want your pergola to house? And maybe the most important decision of all – What material do you want to build your pergola out of? Modern pergolas can be built of wood, aluminum, or vinyl, and choosing the material you like best can be challenging, because they can all look very nice. One of the most popular materials is western red cedar. The reason is simple – its among the most durable and versatile materials used to build a pergola. Beautiful, durable and great for resisting the impacts of weather – and its environmentally friendly.

While there are other materials you can use, cedar pergolas are the best way to go. When you think of a pergola, you likely imagine a red cedar pergola.

Unless you have a lot of vinyl or aluminum structures in your yard, cedar pergolas fit into any home style. It looks as natural as the trees and flowers, and it can’t help but complement the features of your home. As you know, wood is a lovely material to build things from which is why we all want wood furniture inside our homes. Of course, wood will look awesome outside.

When you think of wood you might be concerned about rotting and insect damage, but red cedar is one of the most durable woods you can use in building. That’s not to say that it won’t rot eventually, however, that will be many years down the road. Red cedar doesn’t rot easily. Another benefit of using red cedar is that it doesn’t warp over time like other types of wood. Cedar is naturally resistant to insects, too. While ants and termites are a cause for concern for most types of wood, not so for cedar. They don’t want anything to do with red cedar – ensuring your pergola provides relaxation for your family for years to come.

With all the talk about going green and saving the environment, you’ll be glad to know that cedar is a renewable resource. Also, its biodegrable – this means that even after it no longer serves a purpose, it won’t be filling up a landfill for long. Red cedar is easy to work with – so you wont have to spend as much time building your pergola.

Cedar is a beautiful wood that will always look elegant, fit into any landscape, resist weather and insects, and be environmentally-friendly. Could you ask for anything better than a cedar pergola?

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